Electric Wall Bathroom Heater

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Question Electric Wall Bathroom Heater

HELP! I recently moved back to my hometown after trying a stay in Puerto Vallarta. I have Lyme disease and I had visited there and felt much better. However, I developed a serious infection and had to return to my hometown. I sold EVERYTHING before I left and now at the age of 48, divorced I am having to start ALL OVER again from furniture to toothpicks.
I found a nice mother-in-law cottage, one bedroom, living roon, bathroom, small kitchen, patio and small backyard.
HERE IS MY PROBLEM: I am very handy and have been able to do almost all repairs for my home in the past. I research everything before tackling. I am very good at electrical. My problem is there is a Wesix Electric Heater in the wall in my Bathroom. I flipped the switch and nothing happens. I tried to look up Wesix on the internet an only find things about the old owner. This is a 120 Volt heater, Serial number 002442. The tag is a little hard to read but here goes. Next to Model it says, I think, 15CHM-1-G-29-01. Don't hold me to that. The label is pretty ratty.
Is there anyone out there that knows anything about this unit? Where can I find a diagram to possible check to see if this thing even works and just needs some rattling. LOL.
Because of my health condition, I need to be kept very warm during the cold season. There is no other heat in the apartment except for a wall heater in the living room.
I hope someone can help me. I see that there are a lot of people that are looking for help. I hope someone finds this note.
Thanks in advance
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Open the heater and look for the two screws where the heater element is connected to power. You should find a thermostat knob on the heater. Be sure it it turned up on high and the switch and breaker are both on.

Then take a voltage tester and touch one test lead to one screw of the heating element. Place the second test lead on the second screw of the heating element.

See if you have voltage there between those two screws. If you do then chances are your heating element has broken and need replaced.

If you find no voltage there then go to the junction box where you house cable enters you heater and test for voltage between the black and white wires of that cable. If you have no voltage there then you problem will be between the panel and the heater.

Do those tests and let us know what you find in your voltage tests.

Then we may be able to guide you closer to the source of your problem.

Hope this helps

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Electric Wall Heater

Dear Wgoodrich,
Thanks for your quick reply and help. I turned off the breaker and removed the heater, along with about 10 years of dust. I cleaned out the whole thing and checked all the connections. Then I turned the breaker back on and turned the heater on. WOW it works. I guess the dust and dirt had gotten the better of its source of power. I have now reinstalled the heater and it is working just fine.
I am so impressed that you responded so quickly!

How are you with telephone wiring?

The cottage that I live in only has ONE telephone outlet. I know where the telephone connector box is. It is outside of my bedroom. I want to put in at least if not two more outlets. The one outlet that I have is in the kitchen. It is a hassle because I also have a computer. I want to be able to move the computer to an area in the living room, where there is more space. Also because of my health I would like an outlet in the bedroom for emergency basis. Because I am on permanent medical disability my income is below the poverty level. I was hoping someone could point me to a website that could walk me through putting in a couple of new outlets. The telephone company and other outside contractors charge a fortune. Like I said earlier, I am quite comfortable doing these things myself. I would prefer a man around the house but have not met one, especially one that likes to do handyman work along side a woman. LOL. The men that I have met, they don't even know how to change a rubber gasket on a leaking faucet. LOL

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Telephone wiring is easy and not encumbered by very many codes or safety issues. I recommend you buy some cat-5 four-pair wire from your local home improvement center. You don't really need all that, but it's only marginally more expensive than the simple phone cord, and it gives you so many more options for the future.

You can either extend from the existing phone jack, or "home run" the wiring back to the interface the box. I strongly recommend the latter. Make these connections last, and unplug the test jack while making the connections to avoid a potential shock if your phone should ring (unpleasant, but not deadly).

Free pamphlets available at many home centers show how to wire it up. If you just have one phone line, you only need to connect the blue and blue/white wires to the same terminals in the interface box where the existing wires are connected.

Installing a new phone jack is easy. You can buy a simple rectangular frame that clamps to the wall surface. Connect blue and blue/white to the red and green screws on the jack, and connect it to the frame.

The area of most innovation on your part, and where we are able to help the least, is on the routing of the cable. Try to keep it about a foot away from electrical wires to avoid interference. If you must run it by an electrical wire, try to keep the distance where they run together to a minimum.

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