Electrical Component Info & Polarities

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Lightbulb Electrical Component Info & Polarities

I'm doing a soldering project for school and I need some info on certain components and how to find their polarities and such.

The parts we're using for the project are:

1uf Capacitor
.01 DIsc Capacitor (103)
555 Timer IC
10K ohm Trimmer
SP2655 Power Transistor
33K Resistor
1K Resistor
75K Resistor

Basically I need to know which of these parts have polarities and how to figure out which way they'd go on the circuit board.

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I'll take a stab at some of this.
Resistors have no polarity.
The disc cap probably has no polarity, if it does it is marked on it.
If the other cap is a can, it may, again it will be marked on the package.
If the trimmer has two legs, doesn't matter. If it has three, then one is the wiper, and you care. Probably the middle one, but it wouldn't have to be.
Pin one if the 555 is to the left of the notch at one end. Whatever you are soldering to should have some indication for which is pin 1 (square pad, or something).
The transistor you will need a data sheet for, unless what you are soldering to, or the drawing has a graphic.

I would think that if you have a project to solder these things together there must be a bit more info? Did you skip class that day ?

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