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Hello all,
This may seem like a stupid question but I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Is there a website or book or catalog that would give me details about electrical fittings and such? For instance, someone asks me for a 1900 box or an 11b or a plenum box. Is there something that will give me a quick reference to what these things are?
Thanks in advance for your help
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sad to say terms like that are like tribal knowledge, passed on from generation to generation. also the terms vary by area. you have to pick em up as you go along. sometimes we have to draw a picture so our storeroom people know what we want. seems like this is a common problem.
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I have a nice catalog from All Phase Electric,, a catalog of everything they sell,,, I dont care much for the stores but the catalog is great. Some jobbers have them. Ask at the supply house.
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Yes. Go to an electrical supply place and ask for some catalogues. Try to get Steel City, Bridgeport, Dottie.
There are some other companies which I can't remember offhand.

Incidently, I can't identify any of the items you mentioned but I would hazard aguess that the "1600" is maybe a 4 square box. The "1 1b" may refer to what I know as an "LB" which is a condulet and a "plenum box" doesn't make any sense. How about a skyhook? or a board stretcher?

If you have access to the Internet, you can contact these companies and they will gladly send you their catalogues but that will take some time. Also might try a Google search.

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I'd bet Rodekil is from the Chicago area....

P michael a 1900 box is a 4x4 an 11B is a 4-11/16x 4-11/16 box and a pleaum box is a special box just for the Chicago and New York area. It's a 4x4 box that has no holes in it and has the Ko's pressed all the way back in after there punched creating an air tight box used in commercial buildings that have pleum return ceilings.
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