GFCI okay but can't plug in anything?

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GFCI okay but can't plug in anything?

I just installed a GFCI receptacle. I tested it and everything was fine. Light went on when I tested it... went off when I reset it.

The problem is that it will not allow me to plug anything in. There are small brass pieces that close to the middle but I can't get the plug to go past these. Nothing is in the circle plug. Just the 4 slots.

I know it has power to it because when I put the plug in the lamp lights up. I just can't get it to go very far in.

Any Ideas what I can do to fix this or why it is like this?

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Are you saying it feels like there may be something stuck in the receptacle maybe something from the factory. If that is the case you might be wise just to remove it and take it back where you purchased it and get another one. You should be able to plug into them with no problem. Have you tryed to plug any other device in it, as the problem could be a bent prong on the lamp you are trying to plug in. (Had to ask).
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I have tried other things. It won't take the plug. If it is blocked, it is blocked by a small brass stem in each of the for slots. | about half that size.
it looks like the part that would hold the plug in place. Kind of like tweezers. The outlet that I took out crumbled so I have nothing to put back on it. Plus I need the plug for tommarrow AM if I could.

Plus this is going in a bathroom that I am completly redoing. And most of what I have bought has been wrong in some way. It would be nice if something wasn't broken or the wrong part that they told me to get.
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I recently put a new GFCI in a remodeled bathroom. It was a Leviton (no light--just the basic model). It was a you-know-what to get something plugged in at first--it was all really tight. But after getting something plugged in and unplugged a couple of times for each outlet, it's better now. It's still tight (which is good), but it's easier.

I'm not saying yours doesn't have something blocking it and needs to be taken back and exchanged, but the 'fit' of the plug prongs in that new GFCI of mine were tighter than anything I've ever plugged in before. It could possibly be that you aren't used to that and are afraid to put too much pressure on it.

I'm not saying to overly FORCE the thing--I'm just telling you what happened with mine.

I hope you get it all worked out!
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Thanks moonpie. I was able to force it into the bottom outlet. Still can't get it into the top one. If I can't get it in I will just have to uninstall it and take it back so that I can re-install a new one.

What a pain. Thanks for you help with this!

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