2 circuits. 1 Junction box. OK?

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2 circuits. 1 Junction box. OK?

Hello all.

Is there any prohibition against power from two separate circuits entering one switchbox?

Specifically, I want to have a switch that controls a dining room light to be in the same switchbox as a switch that controls a living room light. Power from each circuit will enter the box, go to the respective switch, and then to the respective light receptacle.

I am 99% sure this is OK, but want a confirmation.

Secondly (and this is the part I'm not sure about), how should I handle the white wires. I know the neutrals are ultimately connected at the service panel. But within the switchbox, should the neutrals from each circuit be joined, or should they be left isolated from each other and simply sent to their respective light receptacles?

Thanks in advance.
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Yes, it's okay. No prohibition.

Just try to remember it later when you work on this box. You'll need to shut off more than one breaker or risk killing yourself. Others should remember this too, since they may have switch boxes with power from more than one circuit.

Neutral wires from more than one circuit MUST be kept separate. Think about it -- if you joined the neutrals from more than one circuit, you could get more than the rated amperage flowing through a neutral, and a fire could result. (Of course, shared-neutral circuits are a special case.)

I'm not sure I really like power from more than one circuit in a box, but it's allowed.
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That clears it up

Thanks John.

The separate neutral explanation you provided makes PERFECT sense and is crystal clear...to the point that I feel a little stupid in having asked the question.

You have cleared it up for me nicely!!

Thanks again.
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There are no stupid electrical questions BuzzHazzard.

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