GFCI outlets in bathroom and kitchen

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GFCI outlets in bathroom and kitchen

I am installing GFCI outlets in my kitchen (2) and bathroom(2).
One of the outlets in the bathroom has two wires coming into the box and the other outlet has six wires coming into the box.

How do I install the GFCI outlet with six wires ( three cables) coming into the box. This does not include the ground.

The kitchen also has one outlet with six wires and another with four wires.
It is pretty clear where the wires go on a two or four wire oulet, but where do the wires go on the GFCI plug on a six wire outlet?
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Rdaily, The three cables for your GFI outlet depend on what you want to protect.If you just want to protect that individual outlet, pigtail all three hots together and put it on the "LINE" side of the GFI. Do the same with the neutrals. If there is 2 or more outlets you want to protect with the GFI, you need to get a multi-tester from your local BIG BOX store. Then you would seperate all hots and all neutrals in the box with the breaker OFF! Turn the breaker on and find your line (hot wire and neutral) with your tester. Now you have 2 cables left. Hook up each pair (one at a time) to find which outlets you want to protect with the GFI. If you want to protect both cables, pitail both of them and hook them up to the LOAD side of the GFI. If you want to protect only 1 cable, only hook that cable up to the LOAD side, pigtal the others to the LINE side. I'm also concerned about the space in the box. A GFI takes up A LOT of room. If it doesn't all fit,you'll need to install a GFI breaker to cover the whole circuit or install the GFI at a different location upstream of the area you want protection.

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