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Question panel upgrade help

my landlord has wired my house his self he has 5 outlets (living room ) 1 - 2 way, 1 switch , the hood light (above the stove)
basically the kitchen , out side lights porch and flood and my son's west and south walls in his bedroom

is this to much for one circuit , and i want to know what size breaker to add to panel box
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when did he do this?? Did he pull a permit? If he did not, My advice is to turn him in to the city or township. If he did, it will have to be inspected and you should point out your concerns to the inspector. Let the inspector make the call.
Hope this helps
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Before you make the relationship an antagonizing one with him, is it working now or are you having problems. If you are blowing a fuse or ripping a breaker its a problem.If there are problems talk to him and maybe he will run another circuit where you need one. If he is reasonable he will want to remedy the situation,,, if not than you might have to take other action.
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Your landlord likely violated a number of laws -- he probably wasn't even allowed by law to do the work, even if he had gotten a permit. Whether or not you want to try to get your landlord into trouble is up to you and the relationship you wish with your landlord.

I couldn't quite tell what is on this circuit. Other than the hood, are other things in the kitchen on this circuit? Most importantly, are the receptacles serving the counter on this circuit? If so, then your landlord has violated the electrical code as well.

However, back to your original question. From what you have said, I cannot concluded that is too much for one circuit. Are you tripping the breaker?
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panel upgrade help (part 2 )

hi everyone,
thanks you all for your responses, yes , the breaker trips often
and now its to the point where it hardly resets sparks fly when you go to push breaker back in ... all of the above mentioned are
one the same breaker.... something has to be done

as of yet i have taken no action but he is willing to correct the problem, being a senior citizen he is going to have me do it
and this is where i need everyone's help
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Find out the following info:

What size breaker is feeding these items?
I understand that you have 7 receptacals and
some lights on this breaker, how many lights, what is the wattage of these lights?

When you reset this breaker is any of the above items on when this breaker is reset?

If nothing from the above list is on when you reset this breaker then you need to determine where the short is before you attempt to reset this breaker FIRST.

Start by turning this breaker off and VERIFY with the use of a volt meter that the load side of this breaker is dead.

Go to each device and use the meter to determine what is shorted to ground, pay attention to terminal tightness and the condition of your conductors.

To determine what is shorted to ground use your meter set to volts first to determine there is no power present then set meter to ohms tone setting.

Place the lead on the hot wire usually colored and the other lead to ground usually green.

If a tone is heard then that lead is shorted to ground some where, you will have to trace that wire back from that point to find the short.

I hope this helps if not drop me a line always glad to help.

Brother William T. Brackett

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