short circuit?

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short circuit?

hi I am new here, and I had the most unfortuname thing happen.
the wiring on the ventilaton fan for the stove got literaly burned by fire and it seems that it has created some problems.
First off, I have not yet determined which circuit braker controls the particular circuit that powers the overhead stove-fan but I have a good clue on which one it is.
The problem is that the circuit braker I think controls that device trips , and it wont stay ON, I tried it 3 times and it always trips.
Now I am thinkng that the braker was damaged somehow when the wire got burned.... so I replace that braker.
at this time the ventilation fan has been disconnected so the wires from the wall(black, white and ground) are not connected to anything. I tried to turn on the new braker but it still trips...

The problem is that ever since they got burned there was another circuit that got affected by it somehow,(lights , power outlets not working ) so I have yet another circuit braker that trips every time I try to turn it ON now.(I have also replace that braker with a new one at a desparate attempt to fix the problem.)

1) How is it possible that one circuit has affected another circuit, yet all other circuits are working fine.
2) Could it be that the circuit braker that WAS connected to the ventilation fan is triping because the Black(hot), white and ground wire are not connected to anything?

thanx for any help
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It seems to me that there is a short somewhere in the burnt wiring. Best to remove all the burnt wiring and replace it, so that you have a known item to work with. Besides, you will never know when the burnt wiring might fail otherwise and cause a fire.
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When dealling with damaged wires it is always perferable to replace as much as possible, the more you leave unattended to the more chance of problems.

The reason you have to breakers tripping is most likely more wiring is burnt then to the fan, It is almost certain the wiring to the other breaker travelled in a path close to the fans wiring. If so then you do have a short and my suggestion is to remove the old wiring to that area and run new. Once a wire has been burnt it is a potential fire hazard in the future.

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