3-way switches with multiple lights

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3-way switches with multiple lights

ok, I have a three way switch on one end with my power coming in there. Four lights in the middle. 3-way on the other end. I know how to wire a three-way with one light in between. If I have multiple lights, do I need a fifth wire for nuetrals to lights 2,3 and 4? Stumped.
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Is the power into switch 1, onto fixture 1, onto fixture 2, onto fixture 3, onto fixture 4 then onto switch 2?
Try the site beolw for pictures.
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Answer to Ron's question...

Ron, Thanks for your response. Still trying to get it though...please clarify for me.

The power comes into the first switch at the common, the neutrals are capped together, I have a black and red on the other to screws for that switch. When my run gets to the first light, I need to contiue my black wire through...all the way thru, to the end switch. Typically this would require me to use my white white (identified as hot with black tape). My red contiues through the same way. This leaves me nothing to cap into for my fixture neutral wire in lights 2-3-4.

I looked at the diagrams from the URL you pointed me to, but don't understand the diagrams because there are not enough wires for a three way.
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You have a number of options. Below, I have provided just three of them. Choose one of the following (I prefer option 2 whenever possible). Some recabling will be necessary for any option. The problem you pose is presented here about once a week. It is quite common.

(1) Wire up just one of the four lights (light#1) as shown in the diagram that Ron provided. Then run a 12/2 cable (or 14/2 if on a 15-amp breaker) from light#1 to light#2 to light#3 to light#4. At light#1, connect the black and white of the 12/2 to the same wire nuts that the black and white of light#1 is connected. At the other lights, match wires by color.

(2) Reroute the cable. Run 12/3 from switch#1 directly to switch#2, not going through any of the lights. Then run 12/2 from switch#2 to light#1 to light#2 to light#3 to light#4. Connections are pretty straightforward, but I can provide them if you like.

(3) Run 12/3 from switch#1 to light#1, and from light#4 to switch#2. But run two 12/2 cables from light#1 to light#2 to light#3 to light#4. If you choose this option, post back for connection information.
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3-way complete

John, I appreciate the additional suggestions. They really helped. I chose option #3 by default becasue I could not get into the wall where the first switch is to reroute my line. Anyway, it works like a charm. You da man! Thank you.

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