can I use conduit ?

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Question can I use conduit ?

I am running 4 - 15 amp circuits to my basement but my electrical panel is located in the garage. Can I run romex in PVC schedule 40 and if so, how may lines and what size conduit should I use ? or
Should I run metal conduit using individual wires to a junction box located in the basement and then complete my circuits with Romex ? What are my options ? The total conduit run would be about 25 feet from the panel to the basement ?
I was also thinking about bx cable as a final option. I'm not crazy about its appearence.

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It is better to keep the cables physically separated for better heat dissipation. If you use conduit, you'll need 12-gauge or larger wire just to support a 15-amp breaker (14-gauge won't do, and you can't use a 20 amp breaker even though you have 12-gauge wire). And you'll need to use at least 1.5" conduit for four 12/2 cables.

If you use individual wires, you will still need 12-gauge wire for 15-amp circuits, but you can go down to 3/4" conduit.

Or consider 8/3 and put a 40-amp subpanel in your basement. That's what I'd do, although it is probably not the cheapest option. But it does offer more power in your basement.
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If you can get to the panel to run conduit, why can't you run the romex? If you run conduit, and regular thhn, or thwn,(individual wires) you would only be allowed to run 3 circuits without derating. Running romex inside pvc is not an easy task with as many wires as you want. You would still only be allowed 3 circuits in each pipe. The best way would be romex back to the panel!

Good luck!
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After a derating of 70% for 8 current carrying conductors in a raceway, #14 AWG is still good for 17.5 amps and may be used to serve these four 15 amp circuits. Conduit as small as " may be used for the 9 individual #14 AWG THHN conductors.
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you seem concerned about how it looks. in that case, run conduit. #14 is fine for 15 amp circuits, and 1/2" conduit will easily hold 8 or them. do not run romex or any other "cable" inside conduit. it's totally unnecessary and just makes life difficult. individual wires is fine. in fact, if you share a neutral for 2 circuits, you can wire 4 circuits with 6 wires. but if sharing a neutral doesn't make any sense to you. forget i said it. just run a hot and a neutral for each circuit. you daon't to use #12 on a 15 amp until you have 10 or more wires in a conduit, and grounds don't count.
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Okay, I was wrong. Bolted Fault and solipsist9 are correct. As long as you don't need a fifth circuit.
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