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Question New circuit

I would like to run a new circuit in a room, from a 200 service box, with #12 grounded cable into PVC conduit and five 20A outlets.
Since I don't like the idea of running anything between studs, I wonder if I can make the circuit using a junction box and make the cables drop from this box to each receptacle instead of running cable from outlet to outlet.
Can I do this?
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Yes you can. Houses used to be wired this way 75 years ago, and it's still legal.
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Just make sure the junction box remains accessible without having to tear apart the walls or ceiling. Probably easiest to run your power to a centrally mounted light fixture box, if you've got one, and branch off from there. I prefer this to "stand-alone" junction boxes in attics/basements. Makes future troubleshooting/repairs a lot easier. Also, be aware of box volumes. You will have quite a few wires to account for.
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Thank you for your reply, I have lots of space in the service panel, so I think that keeping outlets separated from lights in their own breakers is a good idea... is not?
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I think keeping the lights separated from the receptacles is a good idea. That way when turn on the vacuum or hairdryer, the lights won't dim. Not that it's a real big deal, but some people think it is a problem. Also if you trip a breaker, chances are you won't be in the dark.
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You state-----"#12 cable in PVC conduit"----Do you intend to install juction boxes linked together with PVC conduit and then pull #12/2 Non-metallic cable thru the conduit? Will the vertical drops from the junction boxes down the the receptacle outlet boxes be PVC between the boxes or NM cable?----"If it's not there, it can't fail"------I'm refering to un-necessary splices in the junction boxes. If you want to avoid routing the cables thru the studs, why can't you go "up,across,and down",box-to-box with 12/2 NM cable?
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Yes #12 into PVC conduit.
I'm not trying to link junction boxes, NM #12 will drop from a single junction box to each outlet through PVC.
What you say is an alternative way to go, thanks.

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