High Pressure Sodium Floodlight

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High Pressure Sodium Floodlight

I salvaged a High Pressure Sodium Floodlight and installed it with a photocontrol .It works perfectly in low light but in daylight it turns itself on about every 60 seconds and stays on for about 20 seconds and then cuts out.It repeats this cycle consistently all day.I disassembled it but did not find anything but the ballast and 1 cylindrical device which I think was the starter or capacitor.I thought the problem was the photocontrol device but I had the same problem with a different photocontrol.
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The fixture itself is most likely fine and it may be the placement of the sensor or the entire fixture. Check and see if the sensor is in the shade or getting shaded light on it thus getting a false idea of the light level .
Another thing is some of these sensors have adjustments on them to increase or decrease there response level. You might have to adjust it.
The next thing is is the sensor your using rated for use with that type of light?
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I once had a similar problem when I wired the same type of light into a older home. Make sure that your wires are properly connected (white to white, etc)and that grounding is complete, if it is called for. Make sure that the photocell(pc) is rated for that type of light. It may not be a suitable pc.
Also make sure that the power supply is correct for the light and that the photo cell has a clear view and not facing the house, or the light. When the lite gets bright enough the pc will believe it is daylight and cut off.
Check also to make sure that the bulb is ok and not defective. I found that when those bulbs start to go they will go on for a while cut off and recycle.
To check if the photo cell, or bulb, works properly put a piece of black electrical tape over the photocell eye. This will make it think it is nite and turn the light on.
May be a simple remedy of reaiming the pc. It should be located ABOVE the light source and not below, even, facing the light cone
Hope these help and good luck.

BTW I have three around my house and have experienced what you have. Just try the above steps.

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