Lightning Protection

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Lightning Protection

I was asked by my uncle today why new houses aren't outfitted with lightning rods anymore. He grew up in Kansas and stated that all of the houses as a child had lightning protection. My response was that he grew up on a farm that was in the middle of a flat field and his house was the highest structure. This made it necessary to guide the lightning to the ground with lightning rods. My arguement for not putting rods on new houses is that there is a proliferation of cell towers, high power transmission lines, and other tall structures that are higher than houses now. I know I am prob. wrong, but can anyone out there give me a definitive answer? An article that can better explain why lightning rods aren't used on houses as much anymore?

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For resons stated by you before, and the main reason is $$$.
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I'd like to know if there are any factors that make a structure more or less of a candidate for being struck by lightning???

Our house is almost 40 years old, and when we bought it, I couldn't help but notice the many lightning conductors installed about the roof ridge, chimneys, and waste water stack vents (I believe I counted 14 total).
I questioned the need for them, especially this quantity. Well, I came to find out that the original owner, who had lived there for 20 years was struck by lightning in the house and on the front porch on 3 different occasions. This was all prior to installing the lightning protection.
Needless to say, we're keeping all the lightning rods.

But I just wonder if certain factors don't increase the odds of a particular structure being struck.

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