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Unhappy Circuit Breaker

We just purchased this home last year, it is about 12 years old. None of the Circuit breakers are labeled, and when I had to change a fixture in two rooms, I flipped off every circuit breaker and they did not go off. The same thing with the garage lights. I had to turn off the main to work on them. Is it possible that there are bad circuit breakers, and if so how do I test them?
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Is it possible that you have a second panel somewhere in the house? It sounded initially like you were in the SUBpanel vs. the main panel. However, this would not explain why the affected lights DID go off when you turned off the main (I assume the main was in the same panel you are referring too).

What's the size of the main shutoff in the panel (should be indicated on the breaker) and how many breakers do you have in that panel? Just trying to see if it sounds like a subpanel.

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circuit breaker

The Main is 200 A. There are 18 single pole and 9 double pole circuit breakers in the panel. It is the only one in the house.
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As flipped each breaker off did something go off in the house? You may need to open the panel and verify if the power is going off right at the breaker. It sure sounds like you have another panel somewhere.
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I have not tried all breakers because I have little help. I have to flip a breaker and go through the house in order to check that. I do know that most of the breakers do control things in parts of the house, because I have tried some of them, and I do know that that is the only box because I called the previous owner.
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It's possible you have a connection between 2 seperate Branch-Circuits.For example, the Branch-Circuit wire connected to CB#2 may be "Crossed" somewhere with the Branch-Circuit wire connected to CB#10 and both breakers would have to be Off to de-energize the circuits.The "standard" CB indentification numbering for panels is,left side counting down,1-3-5-7-9-----,and right side counting down,2-4-6-8-----.Both Left/Right sides have a "sequence" for connecting the breakers to the 2 "live" service conductors from the meter that supply 220 volts to the Main Breaker.Let's identify the Service Conductors by color,Black & Red. For the Even numbers the sequence could be 2-Black,4-Red,6-Black,8-Red,10-Black,12-Red,-----) .The Odd sequence would be 1-Black,3-Red,5-Black,7-Red,-----.)Note that there is 220 volts across any 2 adjacent circuit-breaker terminals, but zero volts across #2 & #10 because they both connect to the Black Service Conductor.If you were to switch Off in sucession (with #2 crossed to #10) #2---#6----#10, when #10 was switched Off both circuits would be dead. I suggest you try this test,first by switching Off all breakers for the "Black" section of the panel (#1-#2-#5-#6---) and then the breakers for the "Red" section of the panel (#3-#4-#7-#9----)---Good Luck!!!!

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