flickering lights

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flickering lights

Hiya, lemme pick your brains...

in one bedroom and in the bathroom next to it sometimes the lights will flicker. also happened with a lamp plugged into the bedroom. the flicker looks like when an iron is plugged in and going. anyways, it only happens in those two rooms and there isnt anything in the house drawing alot of electricity somewhere. its been happening for about 4 weeks or so now. anyways what could cause it and do i need to get an electrician to look at it?
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oh the bulbs are tight and this happens in any weather...
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Is is possible that you have a poor/loose connection in the switch which controls your light? If your switches and recepticals are of the 'back-stabbed' variety, these often lose their grip on the wire and have connectivity problems. Any of this type should be replaced with screw down types.
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There are quite a few things that can cause flickering lights. Some are dangerous, others just annoying. Some are easily fixable, others are not.

The first thing to figure out is if the flickering is confined to the same circuit as the iron, or whether it also affects other circuits. Sounds like your situation is the former.

The easiest thing to check first is for loose connections. I'd open up every box on the circuit. Tighten all screws. Tighten all wire nuts and tug on each wire one at a time to see if they are secure. Most important of all, move any connection using one of the holes in the back of a switch or receptacle to the adjacent screw. Do this to every box on the circuit, not just the ones having problems. Of course, turn the breaker off first. Post back if you find anything you don't know how to handle.
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will do, thx for such a quick reply

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