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Lightbulb Wiring

Please help,

I intalled Recessed Lighting but they are not working. All the lights have power but don't work.

Here is the diogram which i used

this is on the roof
<pre><font face="Courier">

()lights () | -------- this is main wire coming from a plug i
\ / |\ in a room going to a main switch box.
\ / | It is divided/controlled by a light switch.
\ () / |
\ | / |
() \| / () |
\ |\ / / |
\ ___ / |
| | |
|___|---------------- |
| |--------------
|_____ |
connector box

More detailed expiation.

Originally the way wiring was done is the lighting in the room where only if a floor lamp was plugged in 1 particular plug which is controlled by a light switch.
What I done is after installing lights I cut the main wire connected the wire with new light wire and continued on.

Please HELP for some reason that does now work!!!

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Where was this wire you cut into? At the receptacle that was controlled by the switch? Or at the Switch itself?

If you tapped in at the switch it may not of had power it may of been only the switch loop. So tell use how many wires were in the box you used and what colors were present. How did you determine you were connecting to the main power for that circuit?
Post back and maybe we can offer you some suggestions
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Once I determined what wire I need to cut, I cut the wire, inserted a single gang and connected wires from newly installed pressed lights and the wire which was cut. So I have 3 or each wire connected together (3 - white, black and ground)
When I check if the pressed lights have power all of them do.
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Ok but how did you determine which wire needed to be cut? Did you take a voltage reading after to make sure you had a cable with power in it. Take a reading between the hot and neutral, is it 120v or is it 0v? Let us know.
I think you may of cut into the wrong wire seeing a black white and ground. This may of been the loop from the actual power to the switch and back to the receptacle. In many cases the power for that receptacle was actually in with the receptacle the hot is then wirenuted to a white wire going to the switch then the black coming back from the switch is connected to the receptacle. In most cases this is the way those outlets are wired very seldom is the power run to the switch first then on to the receptacle.
So as I said before let us know how you determined where to cut. Is there any power at the switch? Is there power at the lights? Does the receptacle still work? When checking the power check from hot to ground and from neutral to ground is there any difference in the reading? Also check between the hot and neutral is there any difference there? If only checking the hot to ground and if this is a switch loop you will read 120v but you will also read 120v between neutral and ground .
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