220 on a regular outlet?

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Unhappy 220 on a regular outlet?

Thanks for your time in advance. Heres my dilema, I have purchased an indoor light for growing tomatoes. My outlets are the normal 110v. However the wattage rating goes down by half if I hook the ballast up to 220v. Sounds great. When I opened the cover I was expecting to re wire some wires as I have done on my table saw, and rewire the outlet by converting the common to a "hot". No such luck it appears that all you have to do is remove a lead that is clearly labeled 110v and chose from 208v or 220v. Let me try to describe the wirring diagram on the device so that you might understand my question. Please try to picture my words I do not know any of these terms. I will describe them as they appear to me, a layman.
The diagram that is on the "constant wattage transformer" is as follows; there is a "ladder" with 220v, 208v, 110v, and COM in decending order. the left side of the "ladder" is open, I believe to show in schematic terms that these leads are coming from the source. On the right side of the "ladder" the rungs are connected by wavey lines (half u's with openings facing left). In the middle of the 120v and COM rung there is a capital T laying with the top towards the right. Another T laying in the opposite direction with the letters CAP underneath it. The latter T has half u's with the opennings facing right, they asend and eventually branches into A1 at the top and only "rung" on that "ladder" A1 goes into the ballast. I might also point out that there is a wire labeled CAP, and all of the wires are white. My question is this, I hope you could picture the diagram, If I connect 110v to the common side of the outlet in order to get 220v what happens to the common? Am I erring in thinking that the wire labeled COM is abreviation for common? Finaly will that work!?
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sounds like you are on the right track. this is a multi voltage unit, we use these at work all the time. after youve hooked up the dedicated outlet to 220 v,(just like with the table saw) all you would have to do is hook up the light (cord connected i assume?)as follows: black from cord to 220V lead
white from cord to COM lead
green from cord to green or bare wire
the rest of the wires should be capped off w/ wire nuts. if you plan to use a switch for the light it should be double pole, and rated for this voltage. any questions post back.
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Half the wattage or half the amperage? Exactly why are you doing all this? I don't see the point. It won't save you any money to run them on 220.

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