Hot tub - Ground,wire type,obstacles

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Hot tub - Ground,wire type,obstacles

Hi there. I'm installing a 50 amp hot tub. I've got everything figured out for the outdoor portion. I have three questions.

1) I'm going to run my line from the outdoor disconnect to the main on the inside of the house. The route this will take is an unfinished basement. My preferences would be to run Romex 6-3wg, then PVC, then EMT. Is Romex allowed? If so, is it allowed stapled to the wall studs or do I have to run it through the studs? If I have to run holes, what is the maximum hole diameter allowed on a supporting wall 2x4 16" oc? How about with PVC or EMT? Would I be allowed to clamp these to the studs? Naturally I'm looking for the simplest method possible.

2) This wiring will be running by a gas hot water heater which is braced to this same wall. I'd like to run it between the top of the water heater and where the vent pipe exits the house (side wall). The vent pipe rises about 36" from the top of the heater before going out. Is this ok? What other options do I have if this isn't ok?

3) Grounding. From what I can tell the main is NOT grounded. There is a grounding ring on the male connector from the service entrance line, and a heavy guage wire connecting that to the physical panel itself, but I see no wire to a ground rod or pipe. Can I bury my copper ground rod at the disconnect panel by the tub or should I bury it at the main? If I run it at the main, do I tie the neutral to it? What guage from the rod to the main panel (125 amp service)?

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While I am waiting on another copy of NEC2002 I will not specifically answer your questions, but...
Pools and spas are a very touchy installation. Grounding and bonding must be done correctly or the whole mess can become extremely dangerous. After you soak for a few minutes, your skins surface resistance is very very low. This means that even a small voltage can produce the 10 milliamps of current through your heart to kill you. If your main is not grounded correctly, some rework should be done before even considering the hot tub hookup. The 1999 code even calls out bonding of the wire reenforcement in the slab the pool is sitting on. Do not cut any corners.

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