Organizing breakers in a panel


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I'm adding some breakers to my new panel, and considering moving some of the existing ones around.
Can someone suggest how circuit breakers should be organized inside the panel??

Should I have pretty much a balanced load on each side. I know this may not normally matter, but I've got these undersized lines leading from the transformer to my meter?? Note from JN: See this link for a discussion of the undersized lines.

Any suggestions...

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Double pole loads are self balancing. Breakers across from each other are on the same leg as are every other one going down. It isnt a one side of the panel or the other thing. I sometimes check load balance but you really need an amp probe or meter to do it and it changes as things go on and off. I have improved loads on long runs on loaded subfed panels by balancing but am not sure how you might do it on a home since loads come and go, like the fridge and freezer, microwave, hair dryers.
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Before you move any breakers around you better check for shared neutrals which must be on opposite legs.
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If you have no spaces between breakers, and your empty spaces at the bottom of the panel you will have as balanced as possible. In a house it is impractical to try and have the panel completely balanced with its loading.
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There was a festival in town and had a sub running on number 6 wire about 200 ft away. They had the band going on and a beer cooler trailer hooked to it too and some other stuff. Kept popping the breaker. I check it and voltage was terible, and 49A down 1 leg and 1A down the other. Ha, well we move the beer breaker and do 25 and 25. wa la,,, I am a damm genius. Voltage pops up by about 8 or so and the band can play on. There is no real moral to this story, except never run 6 and put a 60 on at 200 ft. Like gard says,, you never get a house to balance that close though.
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