2 switches, one 12/3 wire run, what next?

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2 switches, one 12/3 wire run, what next?

I have a ceiling fan/light installed in my bathroom that I am working on currently. I am at the point of finishing the electrical. Basically, what I have is 4 wires on the ceiling fan unit. A pair of wires for the fan and a pair for the light in the fixture. There are two blues and two whites.

The way it is currently wired is with the two white wires on the fan unit wire nutted together with the single white wire in the 12/3, and with one blue wire connected to each of the red and black wires.

See the following.

What I need to know is how to connect to the actual switch?

Or, if the fan end is not wired correctly, what is the correct method?

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The ceiling seems to be wired fine. So now you can wire the switch.

I assume that you also have a power cable coming into the switch box that you haven't shown. Is that correct? Or does the power come into the ceiling box?

If the power cable in in the switch box, then make the following connections:[list=1][*]Connect the white wire from the power cable to the white wire from the cable to the fan with a wire nut.[*]Now look carefully at the two sides of the switch. On one side will be a tab connecting the two screws, but on the other side there will be no tab. Connect the power cable black wire to either screw on the side with the tab.[*]Connect the black and red of your cable to the fan to the two screws on the other side (not connected by a tab).[*]Connect both grounding wires with a green wire nut with one wire coming through the hole in the end of the nut. Connect this wire to the green screw on the switch.[/list=1]If the power cable come in at the ceiling, post back. If you have no power cable, buy a whole bunch of batteries.
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Thank you, for the quick an concise reply! Back to wiring!

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