Home Electric Problem (Please HELP)


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Home Electric Problem (Please HELP)

All of a sudden my electricity went out in half of my house. Some of my plug-ins work but none of my lights. If I turn on my stove or my dryer, which are both 220v, then my lights come on, dimly. I checked my circuit breakers and I am getting no reading on half of my 220's and half of my main breaker. What could be causing this? Is it a short somewhere or could it just be the main circuit breaker needs replacing? I already replaced the 220's for the dryer and stove.
Please help if you can.
Thank you so much for any and all responses.
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It sounds like a hot leg is misssing. Check the main to see if you actually have 220 coming to your house, if not, call the electric company, it could be on their end.
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When I say check for 220, you will have to check the line side before it gets to your Main. If you have 220 there, and not on the load side, it's your main. If you don't have 220 on the line side, it's on the electric company. Call them.
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You said you measured the voltage. What are you measuring at your panel, on the feeder side of the breaker (the screws where the 3 feeders are coming into the panel)?
You should have 240V between the two black cables, and 120V between each black and white. You should also have 120V between each black and ground, although that shouldn't affect it. It looks like you lost one of your hot wires, probably outside at the pole. Turning on a 220V appliance probably allows enough voltage to backfeed to the panel and allow some lights to slightly glow. If there is no 240V at the panel I would call the utility company.
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Call your power company ASAP -- don't even wait until morning. Until they arrive, shut off all of your 240-volt breakers. If you don't, you risk damage to the appliances in your house. Your power company should send someone out promptly.

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