No power to receptacle

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No power to receptacle

I am very new to wiring and have been trying to get power to my receptacle on the ceiling of my garage. This was already prewire but does not have any power on the receptacle. Here is the wiring that I have in my garage:

The receptable is at the end of the run and the wire is coming from the fluorescent ceiling light (rapid-start I think).
The wire that comes into the fluorescent light has 4 wires: red,black,white, and ground. There is one wire going out to the receptacle that has three wires: black, white, and ground.

On the Fluorescent ceiling light:

- both black wire is twisted together(pigtailed?)
- both ground wire is twisted together.
- ballast white wire to both white wire(pigtailed?)
- ballast black wire to red wire coming in

On the Receptacle side:

Black wire to brass screw
White wire to silver screw
Ground is to the green (ground) screw

I have a light switch that turns on the fluorescent light, and it works fine.

I tested the wires going to the receptacle and the black is not hot.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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nopower to receptable

I admit I am a little confused by this one. The black, red, white and ground sounds like a 3 conductor cable normally used for 3 way switches. Can you turn the light on from 2 different locations?
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I could only turn the garage light from one location. But it looks like the wiring is probably in the connected to the same circuit as my laundry room which does have two locations to turn on its light. This is because there is three switches in my laundry room: one for the laundry room light, one for the garage, and the other one for my outside light (all of this is on the same switch)
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receptable in garage

I think I understand a little better now. OK, is the black coming in to the fluorescent fixture hot? If not, then you need to fine out why. I am guessing that the 3 switches you mentioned come from a common location. If this is true, then probably the hot (black) is jumpered from one switch to another at this location. If this is also true, you may have a loose jumper connection. The point being you will have to determine, by tracing backwards, at what point you lose the hot on the black.I would also like to ask are you using a meter or a voltage probe to determine the black wire is hot or not?
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You need to open the switch that turns on the light in the garage and see what if anything the black wires is connected to. You have ASSumed the black to be unswitched hot but this needs to be verified by opening the switch and checking what the black is connected to.
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It looks like the black wire coming from the fluorescent light is not connected to anything. All of my other black wires are pigtailed together at the switch

At the switch:

blacks from both laundry light and porch is pigtailed. Then one black comes out of the pigtail and into the switch that controls the garage light.

All the whites are pigtailed together.

The red wire coming from the fluorescent light is in plugged into the switch that controls the garage light.

Does this mean that I have to pigtail the black wire coming from the fluorescent light into the other black pigtails?
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no power to receptable

It would appear that tying in the black to the other pigtails would be the way to proceed. At least this is the way I would proceed. You might want to remember that since other lights, etc., will be on the circuit that it probably will not take heavy current loading.
Good Luck.
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Thanks Hobo5803 and joed for the help. It works now. I stripped the dangling black wire at the switch and pigtailed it with the rest of the other black wires. I now have power to my receptacle.

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