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I recently switched from an electric stove to a gas stove. I would like to plug the gas stove timer into the outlet where the electric stove was plugged in. I'm told that because the electric stove required a higher voltage that I can not just plug the gas stove timer in (and that it wouldn't fit even if I tried since the outlet/plug sizes are different). What's required to downgrade the outlet to a lower voltage? Should I get an electrician to do this or is it just a matter of a converter?
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Several things here. First of all an electric stove uses 220v... which is why the plug is different, if you try to plug you new gas stove into it you're talking major trouble.... anyhow. You can convert this, but there are several things you need to know/do. First of all, you probably have a 50amp double pole breaker. In order to change this you need to replace that with a double pole 20 amp breaker. Even with that, the wire you have right now is probably a #6. Although legal, it is not really appropriate to put a 20amp breaker on this. Best thing to do is use that wire to pull in a new 12/2 or 12/3 wire with appropriate breaker. Or leave that plug in case someone decides to put an electric oven back there, and pull a whole new circuit. Possibly using an existing circuit, and adding a plug.
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Your gas stove will require a standard 120V 15A receptacle. If you can't easily install a new 120V 15A rceptacle from a nearby power source (i.e. other side of the wall) and want to convert your exisiting receptacle to what you need, you first have to ascertain what type of range receptacle you have. Since 90% of range receptacles are surface mount (my guess), I'll assume that's what you have and I'll assume you have a 3-prong cord with a 3-conductor cable which is found in almost all older installations. Remove the receptacle and install a 4" square J-box in it's place. Use a 3/4" romex connector to clamp the cable to the box. Take a short piece of 12/2 romex and strip out the conductors. Your cable with have two phase conductors (possibly black and red) and a ground (possibly bare or white). You will need to splice the black #12 to one of the phase conductors, and the white #12 to the other. Splice your bare ground to the ground conductor. You can either make your splices with large wirenuts (rated for use with the size of your old range cable) or with split bolts and tape. Connect the #12 cables to a standard receptacle and install a 4" square raised receptacle cover on the box.

I will assume you have a circuit breaker on the other end. Remove the breaker and install a single pole 20A breaker. You will need a panel blank to blank off the "hole" that will be left from changing a double pole to a single pole breaker. The conductor that was spliced to the black #12 will go under the breaker screw. The other conductor that was on the electric range breaker will need to be connected to the neutral bar (where all the white wires are) and is also connected to the white #12 on the other end. The ground conductor will need to remain where it is, unless it is white and is connected to the neutral bar and there is a seperate ground bar in your panel. In that case move it to the ground bar. You may need to splice some #12 to the conductors in the panel if they won't fit under the terminal screws on the breaker or neutral / ground bars. You will need to tape any neutral with white tape, or any insulated ground with green tape. A bare ground does not need to be taped.

If your wiring originates from a fuse block, you will need to proceed the same way except you will need to get a pair of fuse reducers with a 20A cartridge fuse. You will leave the other fuseholder unused. That is assuming you don't have a spare screw in fuse holder at your disposal.

It sounds like a lot of work, but is in actuality a relatively simple operation if you don't have a problem working in panelboxes.

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