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Question Wiring question

I have two wiring questions.

1. Can I put two or more hot wires from different circuits in the same external solid or flexible aluminum conduit? If yes must wires be the same size?

2. Can two different 110 V circuits share the same neutral (white) wire? I have external wiring in garage using 3/8" aluminum conduits. I want to put one more hot wire in the conduit and use it as a hot wire for wiring basement. I want to extend neutral and ground wires from the junction box in garage that is closest to basement.

An electrician wires receptacles in my workshop. He installed two pairs of 110 V 20 A (each pair on its own breaker) and one 220 V receptacles going one after another. He used external solid aluminum conduit from one receptacle to another. There are four hot wires (one for each 100 V pair and two for 220 V) in the conduit, one ground wire shat is shared between all receptacles and one white neutral wire that are shared between all 110 V receptacles. I wonder if I can use the same technique when wiring basement.
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Q1---Yes, a raceway may contain Branch-Circuit conductors of different sizes that are connected to different circuit-breakers of different current-ratings.

Q2----Yes, 3 Branch-Circuit conductors, one of the conductors being the Neutral, can supply 2 different Branch-Circuits of equal rating.It important that the colors of the 3 conductors are Black, Red, & White.At the circuit-breaker panel You MUST read 220 volts across the Red and Black wires.

Q3----On advantage of a raceway is that you can eliminate "breaks" or cuts in the conductors. You can pull the wires "intact" from the panel to the last outlet-box leaving wire-loops at each box for the device-connections. Even if you have to "tap" off the wires for a connection to another box you can avoid cutting the wires. Remove an 1-1/2" of the wire-insulation to expose the conductor,,compress the exposed section together so it seems like one wire, and wire-nut the "tap" conductor to the "feed" conductor.-----Good Luck!!!

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