Wiring new addition

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Wiring new addition


Im adding a 18 x18 addition to my home and was wondering if you could check this wiring plan and give any comments.

Im trying to make everything as simple as possible (power souce to switches first, etc)

Are 3 circuits overkill for this?

Please see diagram at

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Looks OK to me. I probably would have only used two circuits. I would have put all the lighting on a #14 guage circuit and all the receptacles on a #12 circuit. If you run all your wiring under the house (as I do) it would be relatively easy to isolate one or several receptacles if you somehow needed another circuit in the future. Using #14 for lighting helps when you are computing box fill. Receptacles never (rarely) have more than 2 cables so you don't have the box fill problems on your receptacle circuits.

Make sure you run any TV, Phone, & speaker cables during your rough-in.
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I would eliminate the switch-controlled receptacles.This connection is used for rooms without any liting fixtures. Your plan shows a receptacle circuit routed thru an out-door receptacle. I advise against this- bring the "home-run" to an interior receptacle instead. Also, it's better if all crawl-space outlets are GFI protected. Install a 2-gang box at the entrance to the crawl-space with a GFI receptacle and a single-pole switch for the liting outlets.--Good Luck!!!
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Thanks for the replies.

I want the switched recepticles for use with lamps, which is what will be used most of the time. (tv/Family room) I agree it would make life easier, but the Mrs. is the boss.

Will redo the ext GFCI.

I didnt plan on having a recepticle in the crawl space, but now that you mention it....

Thanks Again
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Do you have any idea on what will be on thoughs receptacles if the load isn't much then two circuits could do it. But I would run with the #12 wire to allow for future needs. The next thing you have two switched receptacles along one wall with a 12/3 running between them you might want to make sure you use a 12/3 from the switch to the receptacle, if that is indeed where the power will be first other wise you won't be able to switch them.
My perference is to use more circuits and always alloww myself options for later dates. The drawing shows you running through a GFCI just before one of the circuits enters the room? What else is on that circuit and what does it service?
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I would prefer to see the smoke detector on a lighting circuit rather than a receptacle circuit (you'd be more likely to notice quickly when it's dead). I would also discourage you from putting the smoke detector on GFCI protection (you want your smoke detector to always have power). If you have other smoke detectors in the house, you should strive to interconnect them.

Just to offer another opinion, I personally would use all 12-gauge wiring and 20-amp circuits.

I see nothing wrong with the top switched receptacles, particularly if you have some specific plan for them (e.g., where you are going to put the Christmas tree).

If "CF" is a ceiling fan, I suggest running a 12/3 connected to two switches, so that you can control the fan and light separately (if you ever think you might put a light on that fan).

I personally don't see a problem with the crawl space light on the receptacle circuit.

You don't show dimensions, but I'll trust that you meet the 6/12 rule.

Your six lights look too centered. I'd move them closer to the left and right walls (and farther from the ceiling fan).

Nice plan.
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Thanks Guard.

Pattbaa pointed out the run thru the GFCi, Ill fix that.
Yes I am running 12/2 all around.
Yes, Im running 12/3 from the switch to the recept.

If I run only 2 circuits, should I use one as lighting and the other as recept, or split them up some recept/lighting on each.

Thanks again
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Thanks John,

I wasnt planning to protect the whole line with that GFCI, just that single GFCI exterior outlet, is it ok to still run thru for the rest of the run(not thru recepticle, just the box)?

That makes good sense about the smoke detector on a lighting circuit.

Thank you, I know about the 6/12 rule. Im going to use 12 ga and 20A breakers.

Thanks for the cieling fan suggestion.

Thanks Again

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