wiring additions

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wiring additions

I need to wire a new two room addition. do the outlets and the lighting need to be on seperate circuits. How many outlets can be on one circuit?

If the light and outlets are on sererate circuits can I put both lighting circuits on one breaker.

Is this correct outlets 20 amp breaker 12 gauge wire, lighting 15amp 14 gauge wire. Thanks
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What kind of rooms are these? What will you use in them?

Lighting and receptacles can be combined or they can be run seperately. depending on what you want but if you run the lighting alone you may use #14 wire and a 15Amp breaker and load accordingly, if your running lighting and receptacles on the same breaker then you use #12 and a twenty amp breaker. There are many reasons for do it either way, I personally like at least one light on a circuit then if light is not working I know I have a problem right away, but that is a personal perferance. I also prefer to run all #12 wire that way if later you need to use a lighting circuit to run an extra receptacle you can without pulling new wiring.

The number of outlets on one circuit while this is an issue of some contention. the rule of thumb is 8 outlets on a 15 amp breaker and 12 outlets on a 20 amp breaker, if the load is unknown that is to say they are what is called convenience outlets. If the load is known then you can only install outlets to 80% of the wire and breaker size that is 16 amps on #12 with a 20-amp breaker and 12 amps on a 15 amp breaker.

You may take the lighting run from one room and tie it into the lighting run of another room providing you don't go over the ratings of the wire and the breaker, but you can't install two wires under one breaker unless the breaker is rated to do so. In some cases you could use a tandum breaker (one device set up for two circuits) but the easiest way if to join both sets of wires in a junction box then run one set of wires to the panel and breaker.
To calculate what you can have on that lighting circuit remember
15 amp circuit. Max. 1800 watts available.1440w is comfortable
20 amp circuit. Max. Of 2400 watts available.1920w is comfortable

Hope this helps a little.
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I strongly urge you to read a book or two or three on home wiring. While gard has provided excellent answers to the questions you asked, there are quite a number of other very important questions that you have not asked. The books will help fill you in.

As gard hinted, codes vary by type of room. The codes for a bedroom are different than the codes for a den which are different than the codes for a hall or bathroom. And a lot depends on both the square footage and the perimeter measurements of the rooms. Finally, you probably want to exceed the minimum code requirements to ensure that you get full enjoyment from this addition.

Post back with more questions as they arise and we'll be happy to answer.

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