Drawings for Permit App?


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Drawings for Permit App?

I wrote a short introduction which can be viewed in a <A HREF="http://forum.doityourself.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=128052">previous thread</A>, but since it is really irrelevant, you are welcome to skip it; Nonetheless, here is the first of the promised, two stand-alone questions;

For reasons which are unique to my area and circumstances, the packet which I'll need to submit along with my permit application must be beyond reproach; Right now, I've got scatterings of graph paper and some stuff inside my computer which I need to combine into an acceptable format.

I realize that professional electricians and their building departments usually have a comfortable relationship and more informality may be the norm; But, what is the proper way to draw-up a total rewire for a one-story house? I am going to be running wire on the mainfloor, through the crawlspace and the attic? Should I separate these into drawings for two or three different levels? It seems to me that one of these options would get the idea across the better, but I'd hate for him to make me go back and combine them into a single aerial view, once I have them separated; So, if someone could share the usual procedure, I would greatly appreciate it...

Also, I realize that I'll need to submit a materials list and must be able to justify anything outside of the norm; Is there anything else from an electrical point-of-view that I may be missing and that my local guy might request?

Thanks in Advance;

PS & FYI) There will be a small electric water heater in the crawlspace and some wiring will only pass-through this area to go out the other end of the house; This is why I suggested a two-floor drawing, above; If this might have any bearing on your reply...
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I'm not sure where the "Chihuahuan Desert" is or why the AHJ's would be such hard "butts". If you have the B&D book those drawings are better than what I've handed in. Normally you want to have a good scale drawing of the house (which I do in 11x17 graph paper by hand). On this for each floor I draw the circuits I will be adding in color (different one for each). Now I don't mention if the circuit will be run under, above, or outside the house. For example I'll draw 5 outlets around a room, and show the pattern I'll connect them. If I run through the basement to the first, then through the attic to the second, then through the walls to the 3rd, etc who cares? You can't know how the wires will run until the walls are all open and you see what is in your way.

Now thats the way it is in my area. Your area may be very very different. lets hope others chime in with better theorys for you.

Now if you want to see something..... I did some plumbing work on my house. They made me hand in a "riser" diagram. Draw some lines on a peice of paper, call them drains and assign sizes: 1 1/2", 2", 3". Done.
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Thanks; I figured that I might could catch the lights and the transformers that are in and/or will be in the attic on the single-story blueprint. It's primarily the underside that has me worried. I'll need at least one run that goes all the way from one end, out the other and if I ever decide exactly which cooling system I am going to install, this may make it two. Plus, there's the water heater and while I'm down there, I might as well install lights. And, if I decide to close the loop between the heaters, there will need to be a pump and also, there will be a sump-pump for my greywater and another for my rainwater irrigation systems, plus two irrigation controllers (sprinkler & drip) wired from the bottomside; So for all intents and purposes, the underside will practically be wired like a 3&frac12;' level of the home and that causes me concern.


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