What size Fuse panel for new garage?

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What size Fuse panel for new garage?

I have just added an attached garage. I want to run a secondary fuse panel off the main fuse box. (I don't want to have a seperate meter on the garage.)

I plan on 110 & 220. 220 uses could/will be air compresssor, A/C, welder, and an electric oven for powder coating auto parts. Of course I won't be using all of these at the same time, but it is possible for a couple of them at once.

110 uses will be outlets, shop lighting, Ceiling fans, door lighting.

Exactly what fuse panel should I get so that I can cover everything easily, and allow for any future expansion?

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You are probably going to want a 20 space main lug panel. I like to keep same brand as the house if I can. Feed it with a 100 A breaker.
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Without knowing the exact power requirements for the items you have mentioned, it is hard to say specifically what size you will need. Air conditioners, welders, and electric ovens come in all sizes.

What exactly will be plugged into the 120V outlets? How much lighting do you plan on having? When you say "fuse panel" do you really mean circuit breakers? What size is your exisiting electrical service? Are there open spaces in the panel? How far is your main service panel from the proposed location of the garage panel?

When selecting your panel, get a large main lug panel that will provide you with plenty of room for your new circuits. Get something with a 150 amp rating. The actual power available at the subpanel will depend on the existing service capacity, the wires feeding it and the breaker protecting those wires.

Post back with some more details and we can give you a better idea.
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What size is your main service panel? 100 amps? 150 amps? 200 amps?
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Garage Sup-panel

Thanks for the answers.

I am having an electrical contractor connect power from the house box to the garage box. I am not sure what size panel my house panel is. How do I tell?

Sorry about calling it a fuse panel, yes I should have called it a breaker sub-panel.

Main 220 items will be a 60 gal. air compressor, an old electric kitchen stove (used for powder coating parts), and possibly someday some type of welder, and I am not sure what type of power will be required for the furnace.

Currently I have a 110 mig welder, 110 window A/C. Power use after that would be the same as any other garage. 5 flourescent light fixtures, power tools, TV, radio, etc.
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That's some pretty high-powered stuff. There's a really good chance you're going to need a service upgrade to go along with this. Since you will have an electrician on site, ask him/her for advice on sizing the subpanel and whether or not you need an upgrade.

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