2 circuit bedroom plan


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2 circuit bedroom plan

I've exposed our master bedroom down to the studs, and now it's time for wiring. Can I get by with two circuits for this or do you think I need more:
1. 20 amp circuit for a small window unit
2. 15 amp circuit supplying 8 receptacles and 1 small light in a closet. Receptacles will typically power a couple of bedside lamps and a TV.
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Make them both 20 Amps and you should not have any problems with the loads your talking about and you will still have some flexability in the future
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Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters may be required for all of the bedroom outlets. Outlets include lighting,receptacles and smoke detector(s). Contact your local, county or state electrical agency and ask them if AFCIs are required in your area. Inquire about smoke detectors too. Some jursidictions require AFCIs and others don't.

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