Receptacle problem

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Question Receptacle problem

Go figure! I replaced 120v duplex-receptacle(color change) and plugged in an appliance(TV) and it was outputting OK. I proceeded up-stream to another receptacle(sourced by the main panel) and pulled it out of the box and heard a "pop" from the 1 st receptacle and at the same time the TV went off. I naturally assumed the breaker tripped and investigated. I found the breaker still engaged and tested the original receptacle(not with volta-meter but line tester with lite) and found current comming through. I plugged the TV back in with no result. I tried a lamp with no result. I also tested the lite with the upstream receptacle which feeds the 1st receptacle and it lit up. I proved the upstream receptacel feeds the 1 st one by disconnecting one side and found no current at the 1 st receptacle. FYI, the 1st receptacle feeds another one downstream. How is it the tester shows there is current but when an appliance (Lite) is plugged in to the receptacle it does'nt work.(I tested the lite numerous times and it works). I also changed the 1st receptacle and the upstream one in case they were defective in some way.Could it be that the branch line somehow cannot transfer proper voltage in order to power an appliance but still read current on the tester? I also double checked polarity. Help! Thanks in advance.
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Larry, typical problem with many causes but we need more info. Between what two points did you read the voltage, was it hot to neutral or was it hot to ground? also if you have access to a voltmeter or receptacle tester these are more reliable and more acurate than the two lead neon testers. If you can provide some more info I'm sure someone will be able to help.
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Sparky is correct in that your reports are meaningless unless you tell us both points you measured between.

But in any case, it's most likely that the neutral became disconnected when you pulled out the upstream receptacle. What in the world are you doing messing with a receptacle with the power on anyway?
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Sparky / John Nelson:

Thanks Guys. I tested hot to neutral but not to ground via the neon tester. I purchased a volta-meter and tested the 1st receptacle both ways and found an output of less than 25 Volts. I tested the upstream recept. and found it @ 125V on both tests. I went back to the 1st recpt. and unscrewed the clip that holds the wire in the box and reeled in the slack in order to examine the wire. I looked at the point where it was clipped into the box and peeled back some additional outter cover and did'nt notice anything unusual. I them tested this circut again (not via the recpt.) and low and behold it was outputting at 125V. Same via the re-installed recpt. .Go figure???

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