Door Bell Problems

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Door Bell Problems

About a month ago my front door bell stopped working. I light is still in the button and I have removed the button and found that there is no corrosion on the contacts and no loose wires. I am not sure what check next to try to fix.

The button has 2 wires (red & white) and there is no specification on the button which wire is suppose to connect to which screw - I don't think it really matters.

I checked on the device inside and there is 4 wires (2 red & 2 white). The 2 white wires are wire nutted together. One of the red wires is connected to the screw labeld front and the other to the scre labeled trans. Neither of these connections were loose.

Does anyone have any suggetions on what to check on next? I am not sure what brand\model but I am sure it is probably fairly cheap - it was put in when the house was build 1.5 years ago.

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There is a couple of things you could check the first being is the switch good. Test the switch with a meter making sure it does close when depressed. Being the light lights the odds are in favour the wiring to the switch is ok, but it might not be a bad idea to check that too.
Next thing is there a rear door connected to the main unit? If So does that door bell work? If there is not rear doorbell connected try connecting the switch to the connections for the rear. If this doesn't work and the switch and wires are good then check the door chime assembly its self (might be easier just to replace it if it is an inexpensive one the parts generally cost more then the entire unit)
Try these things then post back and let us know what you found.
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Take a short piece of wire and go to the chime unit. Mark and remove the 2 red wires. Touch the short wire to the screw with the white wires and to one of the red wire screws. The chime should work. If it doesn't then your chime is defective. This test bypasses all the button wiring in your house and simulates someone pushing the door button.
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Jump the two wires on the switch and see if the chime rings. If not, then you either have a bad chime, transformer, or perhaps a wire was damaged with a staple and has finally given out.

You mentioned checking the wires at the chime, but have you checked at the transformer. If you have a meter, you should get a reading between the two screws on the transformer (16-24 volts).

If you remove one of the wires on the switch and physically connect it to the other, you should get 16-24 volts at the two screws on the chime (transformer & front). If you are getting voltage, your chime is bad. No voltage and your transformer is bad.

Then again, you need to make sure that you are getting 120 volts to the transformer to begin with. You could have a tripped breaker, bad connection at 120V transformer leads, or bad connection in the circuit somewhere upstream of the transformer. It is possible that the transformer is fed from a GFI receptacle under your house which has tripped. Simply resetting the GFI could solve your problem. If you don't have 120 volts to your transformer, then you need to do some investigation and find out where the problem is. If you can visually trace the wire to the box with the GFI receptacle (generally mounted at crawl space door with light switch), then see if the receptacle is tripped.

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