Basement electrical


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Basement electrical

I have just wired my basement, but have one question. I have wired 6-50w pot lights on one breaker. The set up is as follows. main line from 15amp breaker to switch box, where power is distributed to three seperate switches, that each control 2 lights. Is this ok? just not sure if i have too much of a load on the circuit. I'm using 50w 120v halogen pot lamps with gu 10 bulbs.

Second question, I have a second circuit with six outlets attached, on a 15amp breaker. The tv, stereo and sub with run from three of them. The other three will be used for vacuming and or lamps. Is this too much?

I have not closed in the walls yet, so if I'm going to make any changes I better do them now.

P.S. all circuits are new and I have used 14-2 wire. Any help would be appreciated.

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Six 50 watt bulbs = 2.3 amps, plenty of room for more, actually. (Watts divided by volts = amps). All you have to watch out for is not to exceed 85% of the circuit rating, in this case a 15 amp circuit should be designed to handle 12.75 amps. (That's 1530 watts.)

Your distribution to these lights and switches sounds fine.

As for your receptacle circuit, that sounds fine also. Home electronics don't draw that many amps, and the occasional vacuuming isn't really considered part of the normal load on that circuit anyway. Plus, there is no hard-and-fast limit on how many receps can be installed on one circuit, but I try to stay around 6 just to be on the conservative side. The only time you have to be concerned with calculating out a specific circuit is when you have permanently installed equipment on it, such as a dishwasher, disposal, electric range, etc.

Also note, with #14 wire you are limited to a 15 amp breaker. Never increase it. If you run a circuit off a 20 amp breaker all the wiring on that circuit must be #12.

Hope that helps.

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Good evening Adamant. In Ontario you are limited to eight receptacles per 15A circuit. You're fine there. Do you have one receptacle every 12 lineal feet in the room? This is required by Code. Another little different rule in the Ontario Code is that in a below grade room, the receptacles must be at least 18" above the floor.
Have a good day and let us know how your inspection goes.
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Yes I have a plug every 12 feet, actually shorter in some cases. But my outlets are at 16.5".

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If you're going to have work inspected (and I strongly suggest you do) you will have to move those receptacles up to 18".

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