Breaker Ghost?

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David Wong
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Angry Breaker Ghost?

I just moved into my new home on Monday. At 7:00 am on Tuesday, I find my alarm clock is off because the breaker leading to the circuit to that room (the master bedroom) has been thrown. I go down to the box in the basement, turn the breaker back on, and examine the wiring. The only thing on that breaker is the three outlets in the bedroom, nothing else. I figured it for a fluke.

The next morning, at 7:30 am, it happens again. Keep in mind, these are not new outlets or wiring; it's all existing with the house. We have run some new outlets, but that circuit has been left untouched. I figured maybe there was a short somewhere (though why this ONLY trips in the morning is a mystery to me) so I turn off the power and examine each of the outlets one by one. Everything looks sound, no bare wire showing or anything odd.

Next morning, 6:45 am, off it goes.

It only trips in the morning, all within an hour or so of 7:00 am. In the entire time we've owned the house (we worked on it for a few weeks before moving in) this is the ONLY breaker that has ever gone off. There otherwise is no power problem at all in the house that I am aware of.

Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?
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Maybe the bell on your clock has a short...Sounds strange...Maybe some guy got electrocuted by that circuit at that time of the day and he returns to trip it every morning...LOL
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David Wong
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I'll call an exorcist... but in the mean time, could an alarm clock honestly cause such a thing? There are literally only two devices on the circuit... my alarm clock and a small bedside lamp. I guess I do have the lamp on when I get up...
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The breaker may be bad, causing it to trip with very few amps.... in that case, any little thing could cause it to trip. Replace the breaker. Also, as a test, try resetting your alarm for a different time of day, and turn on the light at the same time.... if it trips.... odd as it may be, you will have your answer.
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David Wong
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I'll replace the breaker today. It looks old.

I have a sneaking suspicion that will be the end of the problem.

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