Break box question

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Break box question


I maintain a 3 unit bldg. There are 4 electric meters (3 for the apts and 1 for the bldg).

The last guy wired it all wrong -- 2 apts on 1 meter, 1 apt and the bldg on another, and 2 meters not connected to anything.

He installed a nice new clean shiny breaker box that only allows for 2 feeds -- that is, there are only sections of breakers, hence a wire from meter 1 goes to half the panel's breakers and a wire from meter 2 goes to the other half.

My question is: Can I find a box that has 4 breaker sections or should I add a second box with 2 breaker sections, leaving the first one intact? I suspect a 2 section box will be less expensive, but then I'll have the difficulty of running the feeds from the meters to 2 separate boxes.

And, can someone point me to a place online that sells this stuff?

Thank you,

Joseph R. Skoler
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There is a reason no one jumped on this question. The bottom line is going to be,,, you need to get an electrican in this case. This is also a commercial property and no one will find it a valid reason to save a few bucks for the manager to be working on the service entrance equipment if some disaster happens.
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The conductors on the "Line" side of a meter(s) connect to the Utility distribution system. The conductors on the "Load" side of a meter(s) connect the building's interior electrical system, and usualy the first connection on the "Load" side is to a 2-pole circuit-breaker which is the Sevice-Dis-connect for the load connected to that meter.

First step in adressing you'r problem--are there 2-pole breakers on the Load side of each of the 4 meters?
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Each meter has a switch box (old fashioned side handle) associated with it. Out from each of those is a cable.

All those cables go to a single breaker box, with 2 lugs (I believe they're called lugs -- each represents a different meter line).
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Please don't take this wrong. From your description of the service, it is my opinion ,also, that you should contact a licensed electrical contractor to do the work. This is not the typical DIY project.
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I appreciate everyone's advice -- I understand that those who advise hiring an electrician are giving their best advise.

I'm not necessarily of the opinion that that is not the wisest move.

I just thought that this might be a rather simple job (replacing a double lug breaker box with a 4 lug box), and something I could do without difficulty.

Not sure why I'm wrong about that, so I've not yet made a decision.

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