Electric Breaker help

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Electric Breaker help


My server has a good power backup, but when it rains, the breaker in the
wall is turning it self off. And if I am sleeping, no one to turn the
breaker on.
And battery backup maybe lasts fo hour or two ours and go.
I have to find a solution to this. Maybe automatic turning on breakers?
oooor removing the breakers? HELP !
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My server
Computer server? If yes, then I have moved this posting to the correct forum...

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Thank you but a question was a breaker question. Anyway, I hope I can get some help here..
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Moving, again...

Not trying to make you dizzy, but I also seized on the word "breaker" and it is my feeling that you probably would get more help from the very able electricians who frequent the "Electrical" forum. Though, I did leave a trail through "Computers" as I am sure Jeff left a trail through "Appliances", so your question is really visible to a large number...

Good Luck;

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Is it a circuit breaker in a circuit breaker panel that is tripping, or a GFCI receptacle that is tripping? If the former, then is the breaker a GFCI breaker? What all is on this circuit besides the server?

You need to find out why the breaker is tripping and correct the problem. Simply resetting the breaker each time is dangerous.
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Thank you but a question was a breaker question
Ya....I wasn't sure if you had power problems or the server was the trouble maker tripping the breaker.

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If it only happens when it is raining it is more than likely shorting out to something because of rain or moisture getting in the circuit. The fix would be to make sure you have no leaks behind your box or long the route of the wire. A temporary fix would be to run an extension cord from another room that is on a separate breaker. When working on a breaker box caution is the rule, and even more so when there is a chance that water is involved, if you do not feel comfortable with it I would not hesitate to get a professional to look at it. Either way it has to be fixed for your and others in the houses safety.

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