Installing a Switch


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Question Installing a Switch

I installed a recessed light and a switch in the wall to power it.

I have 3 wires:
1) The live wire from the power box
2) The wire connected to the light
3) The wire connected to the switch

I have no idea how to connect the wires to get the switch to work. When I connect all of the whites to whites and the blacks to blacks, the light works fine, but it is always ON! The switch does not work.

I'm sure there is a simple answer, but I've spent hours on this and can't figure it out. Help!
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The live wire fromthe box goes to one of the terminals of the switch

The wire from the light (the switch leg) goes to the other terminal of the switch.

I need more info on the third wire to help with that one (where does it come from and where does it go. It may not be needed.
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unless there's something different it should be the black to the switch, then black to the light. always "switch" black. white to white, and of course grounds to grounds.
it's not previously wired for a 3 way was it? or, was there an extra wire to feed something else?
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When you say "I have 3 wires", are you talking about three wires at the light or three wires at the switch? And I assume by "wire" you mean a cable with three wires (black, white, bare), right?

If these three cables are at the light, then you apparently have a switch loop. Tell us what wiring you have at the switch too?

To wire a switch loop, you connect black from the power cable to white from the switch cable. Then you connect the black from the switch cable to the black from the light, and white from the power cable to white from the light.

At any point in this process, have you tripped the breaker?
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To everyone who replied to my post, Thank You.

I took a combination of all of the advice and was able to get my Switch & Light to WORK!

Yes, I had 3 cables coming together in the blue box. The key was that the white wire from the switch becomes a black.

And YES, I did blow a fuse in the past, but now that the wiring is right, it's working great.

Thanks again!
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