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Question Combo Switch/Receptacle


I want to add a combo switch/receptacle where the switch controls a fan and the receptacle is always hot. I am adding this into a 2 gang box which holds a receptacle.

I know this involves the metal tab on the switch and i assume that the receptacle will be w to w and b to b.

Please advise.

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Was this originally a single-gang box with an unswitched receptacle? And you swapped out the single-gang box and replaced it with a double-gang box??

No, you don't need to mess with the tab. Leave it there and do not break it out. If you do, you'll only create more work for yourself.

I'll assume for now that you have spare unused brass and silver screws on the existing receptacle. I'll also assume that you have already run a new black/white cable from the double-gang box to the fan.

On one side of the combo, you will see a tab that connects two brass screws. Just use a short black jumper wire from the existing receptacle's brass screw to either of those brass screws on the combo.

Now attach a short white jumper wire to the silver screw on the existing receptacle, and another short white jumper wire to the silver screw on the combo. Connect both of these white pigtails to the white wire on your new fan cable.

Now all you have to do is connect the black wire on the new fan cable to the brass screw on the same side of the combo as the silver screw.
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Thanks John,

You assumed correctly. Was a single box with an unswitched receptacle. Swapped it out for double gang box and added the combo.

And Yes I have already run the 12/2 from the Box to the Fan.

Your instructions confirmed my assumptions on the tab, trouble is the tab is off (cause I'm an idiot and research seemed to indicate that in order to have the receptacle work independent of the switch it had to come off). So I can tackle the "more work" or go to HD and get me another Combo.

Redeeming part is that i understand your instructions to a tee and it makes sense!!

Perhaps you could walk me through the steps after said tab is removed although I think your going to say 12/3 and I am fresh out. Ha either way I'm going to HD.

Thanks again John
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All you have to do is replace the tab with a piece of wire. Put two short black jumpers on the two screws that were formerly connected with a tab. Then connect both of those jumpers to the jumper you connected to the existing receptacle's brass screw.

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