Disconnecting Main panel

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Disconnecting Main panel

OK, this may be a simple question but I want to make sure. If I want to work in the main box (It's a Murray) all I need to do is switch the main breaker at the top to off, correct? Then I should be able to touch the neutral bus, the main bus the circuit breakers are hooked into and any of the circuit breakers below the main one. (As long as I stay away from that big cable coming in the top of the box into the main switch.)

Is there a way to disconnect the power from the outside? I have undergound wiring in my plan and at the corner of my lot are long metal square tubes sticking out of the ground about two feet high. Do these have a switch in them?

I'm hooking up a transfer switch for a generator.
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I don't know what kind of long metal square tubes you are referring to, but I doubt that they are a disconnect for your main service. They are probably telephone or catv pedestals.
Contact your PoCo and have them pull the meter when you are ready to hook up the transfer switch.
Question..... Do you understand the different requirements for generators and their transfer switches? Some require that the neutral be switched also. Some don't require it. It all depends on whether the neutral from the generator is bonded to the frame of the generator or not.

You are correct that everything below the main breaker will be off . Just the main cables from the electric meter will be energized. Don't take this for granted though. Verify that the power is off with a known working meter after shutting off the main.
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Generator hookup

I have swapped out some 15 amp circuit breakers in this panel before and that is what I figured for shutting it off. Back then I only touched the rubber handle screwdriver and insulation on the wire because I wasn't sure. It's best to check with the experts though.

I don't have the generator in my possession yet. I do not know if it has a bonded neutral or not. I did see some other archived posts about this subject. I will look when I pick it up. I won't be getting a manual with this generator as it is used. Is there anything special I should look for on the generator to determine this? Is there a test with the voltage meter to determine this?

Not to change subjects, but what type of cord would I need to run about 35 feet from my 30amp 120 Volt twist lock plug in th generator to the transfer switch? (10/3 300volt, 8/3?) This generator has a 20a 240v volt twist lock plug or a 30a 120 V twist lock. Any issue with not using a rubber sheathed cord but perhaps an SPT (flat) type?


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