Is it a buyer's responsibility to get estimates?

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Is it a buyer's responsibility to get estimates?

I know this really isn't an electrical question? Just hoping alot of home buyers and such would see this to help me out? I hope I didn't break any rules? Sorry...

I am purchasing a house from HUD! After going over the details I come to find that HUD escrowed $3400.oo for some repairs that were found at thier appraisal.

One the appraiser claimed that the heating was NOT operational but it was. It's electric baseboard and the electric was off at the time... SO Go figure..

Second was a needed banister for the third floor was missing. Fine.

Third was a rear deck that possibly contained lead based paint. OK

The totals were as follows:

3000 new heaters? Have no idea what type or what. Seeing how the heaters do work, they do NOT have to be replaced..

$300.oo for the deck to get stripped and painted... As well as the $100.oo for the banister . That totals to $3400...

Heres the kicker...

At inspection, we found $700 of electrical repairs, $400 of plumbing...

Now heres my question? Is it my responsibility to get contractor estimates for this house seeing how it isn't even mine yet? The house was reposesed from the original owners now a year so it was empty? But this seems like more work for me than what I intended to have as a buyer?

The good thing is that seeing how they escrowed the $3400 and I am only using $1500 of the escrow. The remaining $1900 will go on the principal of the house.

I settle this friday as was just curious if there would be any type of other things in my favor seeing how I did all the leg work to get these estimates for the "STATE" seeing how they are selling me the house. At least in my favor?

Thanks for the replies and help..

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Buyer Beware

There's lots of truth in this old saying.

No one but you will care as much about your money. If I'd have any doubts I'd hire my own inspectors

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