grounding rod

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grounding rod

I just added a room to home. The final electrical inspection was today and the inspector ask me where the grounding rod was(my home is a split level )He said without it my house could burn down. The walls are finished around the fuse box. I assumed that i had one when I had the house built 12 years ago. How do you find one,how much do they cost and will we have to knock down a wall? Is this a big project?He ran off and told me to call the electician back who by the way is subcontracted from the builder.
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Wow If the inspector doesn't know where to find a ground rod he probably shouldn't be doing inspections The ground rod is usually near the meter can and can sometimes be hidden from sight by landscaping or burried in the dirt. Did he look for the domestic water ground too? that is located within about 5' of where the water line enters the house (if this is not a well) If this is a well then there should be two ground rods a few feet apart. Sounds like the inspector needs to read a few electrical books himself before he does any more inspections
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He said without it my house could burn down.
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You know I thought of asking the same question,,, then I figured maybe he was figuring lightning strike ,,, thats the only way I could think of.
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If your house was constructed only 12 years ago the Service is almost certainly in compliance with NEC Grounding requirements unless you are the victim of a both a negligent electrical contractor AND a negligent electrical inspector.
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If the house is recent, you may have a ground to the water service and a ground connect to the rebar in the foundation, which meets code.
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Was this an electrical inspector or just a jack of all trades home inspector?

In addition to the other electrodes mentioned in previous posts, note that most likely the neutral from your transformer is bonded to the neutral of the power companies high voltage line.. which is grounded via butt plates at just about every pole that you see. So your service is grounded pretty good.

I dont see how the inspector could think lack of a service ground could cause a fire though....

BTW do not confuse service grounding with equipment grounding.

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