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Question three way switch

im preparing to hang a new ceiling fan in my kitchen , there was one previously but i removed it and hung a pendent light 2 years ago, not that this matters i question is i have a 3 way switch and the wires coming from the ceiling are white & red which were connected to the wires of the pendent light , & there are 3 black wires all enclose in 1 end cap. the new ceiling fan wire are black white and blue, can someone tell me , would i connect the red wire to the black & blue & of course i know the white to white. i presume the black wire from the fan controls the fan and the blue wire controls the light.i have hung ceiling fans before a few years ago but never one with a 3 way switch. by the way my husband believed that the black wire was always the the ground.we argued intensly. he hates it when im right.LOL!
any way could someone please help with my question.
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If you husband thinks the black wire is always ground, then he is either used to foreign electrical systems, or he works on cars. Treating the black wire as ground in a North American home is potentially a fatal mistake.

The question we always have to ask when a ceiling fan is being installed is how you want it to work. Here are a few common options:
  1. Have the wall switch control only the light, and turn on the fan exclusively with the pull chain (whether or not the light is on). If you want this: connect the blue wire from the fan to the red wire from the ceiling; black wire from the fan to the black wires in the ceiling; and white to white.
  2. Have the wall switch provide power to both the light and the fan, such that the wall switch will turn on the fan, the light, or both depending on the position of the pull chains. If you want this: connect the blue wire and the black wires from the fan to the red wire from the ceiling; white to white.
  3. Have independent control of the fan and light, without using the pull chains. This option will require you to either run more wiring inside the walls, or to return to the store for a remote control unit.
In all cases, connect green and bare wires to each other, if you have any (you didn't mention any).

I have assumed that you just have one pair of switches on the wall, and not two pairs.
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thanks for your reply john. my husband managed to get the ceiling fan up & running properly but not before he called his best friend for advice , he thought i went to bed but i could hear him from the other room, he gets a little loud when he has had a few to drink. he does however work on cars a lot on the side .thanks again. have a great day!
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Originally posted by tntcat
.... he gets a little loud when he has had a few to drink...

You should really tell your husband that alcohol consumption and electrical work don't mix well...

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