Installing outdoor outlet?


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Question Installing outdoor outlet?

Wondering if this is an easy enough job to tackle myself. I can mount on outside garage wall which is accessable from inside garage and there is attic access. My breaker panel is in garage as well. WHen I run the cable- Do I have to tie it into it's own new breaker back in the box?? What other things do I need to know? Is this a fairly simple task for a a DIY'er??
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This is an excellent DIY job to get introduced to wiring. Be sure to read a few books on home wiring before you start. It is a fairly simple task (probably).

Whether or not you need a new breaker depends on how power-hungry the thing is that you plan to use this receptacle for, and what else is already on this circuit. You probably do not need a new breaker, however.

Two things to pay attention to as you do your study are waterproof boxes and covers, and GFCI.

We can help with questions that arise along the way. But a book will be better than we at telling you how to do it.
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OK thanks- Maybe you can help clear something up I've wondered about.(Probably a real dumb one). If I do not need a new breaker- Where does the outlet get it's power from?? There is not much else where I could get power from so would it be best to run the cable back to the box for power?
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Most nearby unswitched receptacles would be a good source of power. But if it's easier to get a cable to the panel than to another receptacle, then you could add another circuit if you have the room in your panel and you don't anticipate ever needing that room for something else.
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"There is not much where I could get power" ( description of garage wiring)----- This statement leads me to suggest that you connect a new 20 amp circuit which includes one or more interior garage receptacles and the exterior receptacle.

All these receptacles must be GFI protected which gives you 2 choices; (1) a 20-amp GFI breaker or (2), a GFI receptacle at the receptacle outlet-box where the 12/2 cable from the panel terminates. All receptacles connected to the "Load" side of the 1st. GFI receptacle are GFI protected so that "standard" receptacles can be used at these outlets. It's best to keep the complexity of exterior wiring to a minimum.-----Good Luck!!!!!

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