Lightening strike

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Lightening strike

A lightening bolt sent a power surge through a friend's house last weekend frying his electronics i.e., microwave, vcr and a brand new dell computer with printer (both, by the way, were "protected" by a surge protector). The inside glass of the electric meter on the outside of the house was also blackened by the surge. The power is on but the meter is no longer working (sounds like free power eh?) My Question: could there be any other unseen damage to the wiring of this house?
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There are probably others here who can give you a better answer than I, but I had a similar experience a couple of years ago. I had an electrician come out to inspect everything. He told me a lightning hit can loosen main connections and the main ground wire as well as damage insulation on the wires (usually visibly obviouse). He checked all of the connections and inspected the wiring up through the attic(s).

It's probable that the electric company will notice the bad meter fairly fast and might estimate a reading for the period it was out. Your friend might be better off to call the electric company and report the bad meter ASAP.

Good luck!
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It can do a huge amount of damage to the wiring. Time to get the insurance company out and a recomendation for a local electrical contracter that knows how to use a high voltage megaohm meter. Each circuit should have its leakage checked at a minimum of 600 volts. High leakage wires should be located and replaced. The surge was probably way past what even a 'whole house' surge protector is capable of diverting. Some of the surge protector companies have warrenties that your equipment will not be damaged.

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