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Smile electrical outlet

Hi there, new here - and happy to have found this site. I have a problem and I hope someone can help me as soon as possible.

I smelled something like "burning wire/rubber" and after searching for the location, I noticed that the electrical outlet that my AC is plugged into was all burnt - one side more than the other. The AC and my computers speakers have been plugged in there for a long time now, without problems by the way.

I was told to just plug the AC in somewhere else (we're having a heat wave in toronto, so we need to use it), but the end of the AC plug is blackened as well!
Can I still plug it in somewhere else, even though end is black??? A friend said the plug end is only black from the wall outlet, but I'm still worried -Have 3 kids here!

Any help would be greatly appreciated a.s.a.p. thanx,victoria
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Try cleaning the black stuff off the plug. If it cleans off, then I'd say go ahead and use it. But if the plug has actually deformed due to heat, then I suggest you replace it. They aren't hard to replace and can be done with simple parts from your home improvement center. They'll probably also show you how to do it.

Either way, be sure to closely monitor it after you plug it in elsewhere. Feel the plug and if it is hot, then replace it anyway.

Have someone check the receptacle that the AC was formerly plugged into. If the plug isn't at fault, the receptacle connections may be loose.

Also have someone check the gauge and type of the wire against the size of the fuse or breaker. If someone in the past has increased the fuse or breaker size, this is a very serious safety hazard that should be corrected before using that circuit again.
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Smile thank you

Well, I went ahead and plugged it in somewhere else, and it worked for a minute or two then blew (or stopped)! No smell or anything though this time. Also, the black stuff will not come off the end of AC plug, so I suppose I do need to replace it!

I called the "superintendent" to come check, but they can't be bothered to tomorrow!!! Nice ppl aren't they?

Anyway, thanx for your help - take care...Now I know where to come for help from now on!!! Thanx,victoria
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I suspect you need to replace or repair the whole air conditioner. I'm betting the unit was drawing more power than it should have due to a fault (probably the compressor). The first outlet that it was in needs to be replaced as well. The plastic could be slightly melted and may not properly support a plug which could cause a loose connection that would arc and be a fire hazard (it's more than worth the $2 for a new outlet...). Replacing an AC unit that's more than a few years old would probably pay for itself in energy saving over the next couple of years. Sorry, wrong forum... Good luck!
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It's okay now

Hi again, well replacing the plug done the trick and all's back to normal...thanx so much both of you for your replies. Victoria

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