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Question Power outage question

lat night the power at my home went out for about two hours. It was very localized, only affecting about 20 homes. It looked like the linesman just flipped a switch on the transformer that is on a pole in my neighbors back yard.

Anyway, after the power was restored, three of my circuits would not work. At first, the light bulbs had a faint glow to them, but I flipped the breaker off, and then back on and they didn't work at all. I replaced both of the breakers this morning but it didn't fix the problem. Could the wiring on these two circuits be damaged to the point that they no longer conduct electricity? If so, would the damage have to be between the service panel and the first receptacle or could the damage be anywhere along the circuit and still cause the entore circuit to not work? None of the breakers were tripped, and the other 12 lines have no effect. two of teh circuits are regular 120 lines and the third is a 240 runnning my stove. Any suggestions? An electrician is coming out later this afternoon, just want to get some kind of idea what to expect. Thanks.
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"It looked like the lineman just flipped a switch on the transformer that is on a pole in my neighbors back yard."

Sounds like this was probably a CSP (Completely Self Protected) transformer. These have secondary breakers that are primarily supposed to trip for overloading. Sometimes, however, this breaker is not properly coordinated with the upline fusing or the primary fuse (if used) for the transformer. It will also trip if the secondary (or service) wires get wrapped up or forced together by trees or wind. Is your service is overhead? Perhaps it is damaged and either a phase wire is damaged (not likely if your stove works) or the neutral is damaged.
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The power company replaced the transformer. Apparently only one of the hot wires was delivering power, so any 220 would not work, nor would half of the breakers. The workers actually came into our house and checked to make sure everything was working. Defintely need to send a thank you to the power company for their quick response.

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