stove wiring


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stove wiring

Hi everyone!.
I am replacing the wiring to the range in my kitchen, as I want to move it's location and need to extend the circuit.
question: what gage wire would be recommended.
it is a 25 year old free standing stove, 4 burners on top and an oven. Just a regular stove. I am thinking 6 gage. It looks like they used SE cable when it was wired God knows how long ago..
Thanks, Steve
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Unfortunately, I think you will find that you are not allowed to extend this. The problem is that the feed is almost certainly only three wires (two hots and a neutral/ground). Code since 1996 requires separate neutral and grounding wires. You are allowed to continue to use the combined neutral and ground, but only as long as you do not modify the circuit. Once you modify the circuit, you need to upgrade to modern code.

So you want to run new 6/3 with ground cable from your panel to the new location of your range. I know this is probably not easy, but you need to do it anyway. To make you feel better about it, know that you are improving the safety of the installation.
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Hey thanks for the input. Running a new wire from the panel to the new location won't be a problem.
Quick question though, where does the ground land on the range end of the circuit, if there is a three prong outlet?Do I have to run an external ground to the range chassis?
Now that I think about it, It must go to the outlet box.....
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You need to install a 4 prong recep and use a 4 prong on the range. The range instruction should contain 3-wire and 4-wire instructions. Use the 4-wire. Usually a bonding jumper needs to be removed for 4-wire.

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