Panel Upgrade

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Panel Upgrade

I am replacing the SE cable, meter socket, and SE panel in my home. The meter socket is in the cellar,and will be moved outside. I estimate this stuff to be about 40-50 years old.
What I want to do is install the SE cable, meter socket, and service entrance panel and have that all in place.Then I want to start connecting all the circuits over from the old fuse panel to the new SE panel.This would all be done with the main disconnect in the off position(because the new SE cable would be connected to there).
Does anyone see a problem with me powering up the new SE panel temporarily, back feeding it through a 30 amp 220 circuit breaker.
Then, when the power company shows up and disconnects, all I have to do is remove the jumper wire. And when they reconnect, all I have to do is throw the main disconnect on and away I go!
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I think your idea is doable, with some planning.
I'll interpret your description and repeat it:
-mount all new equipment
-install new SE cable between new equip.
-reterminate small branch circuits to the new panel, with everthing off temperarily
-connect some 8 awg or larger to a 30A (or larger depending on wire size) breaker (backfed) to equally sized, or smaller fuse in the old main panel.
-make sure bonding between nuetral and grounding is connected properly and bonded adaquatly for both temp. purposes and permanently. (Have new grounding rod outside, connected to new panel, and additioanl bonding to the water within 5ft of entering the building, and jumpreed around any metering equipment, metal nat. gas line if applicable, and any metal building structures such as I beams (requires appropiate fasteners)) have ground/nuetral buss in both panels connected together.
-before P.C.'s arrival, remove jumper, and finish terminations for large circuit such as electric ranges, etc to new panel.
-You are expecting them to reinstall the meter in the new meter pan (maybe a new meter head) and tag it.

Without assuming too much, are you aware the P.C. may requrie proof of inspection before they reconnect you?

Absolutely ask any more questions you have before proseeding.

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