GFCI installation for a spa

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GFCI installation for a spa

I am having a spa delivered and will need the electrical wiring done before hand. I am having it placed on my deck which is directly on the outside wall of one of the circuit breaker boxes in my home. My model requires a 240v,50 amp breaker with a GFCI box in which I have already purchased. What ballpark cost for this job will I be looking at? I have been told that it is an easy installation but knowing close to nothing about this type of project I am afraid I could be taken in price very easily. I welcome all opinions.
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Make a clarification for us: are you planning on doing this yourself or having a pro do it?
How far from the panel will the spa motor and controls be located? What kind of cable/conduit? EMT, PVC, UF cable, Romex (NM), or a combination of? Romex can not be installed outdoors, I would avoid any splices, unless absolutely necesary. Any connections should be done with split-bolts (copper).
I think $300 might cover the material, but there are variables yet to be identified. Will the GFCI breaker go in the main panel with a weaterproof disconnect outside next to the spa, or will there be a 50A breaker in the main panel and the GFCI breaker in a weatherprrof outdoor panel?

Details are important.

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I am throwing around the idea of possibly doing this myself but with all the questions you have asked I am now realizing that I should hire a professional. All I am reading with the pre-delivery instructions is that a GFCI is required. That has been purchased.
I guess installing a 240volt to my main service subpanel feeding is what I am looking to do since this will be only about 6-8ft from where my spa will actually sit. It states I must use copper only in which I understand. It tells me to refer to the NEC,Article 680 and NEC Table 310.16. Blah Blah Blah.......After researching this further I am realizing that for someone with the knowledge that I have with wiring and electricity, this is not a do-it-yourself project. (But show me a lightswitch and I can make lights appear!)I hate to admit it since I am an I-can-do-it type person, but I thank you for your time in helping me wake up to the realization that professionals are best for this.
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Talking Permit & Inspection

I wired my own SPA, same electrical requirement as yours, 220V 50A GFCI. I went to AHJ, turned in my blueprint and received a permit. I purchased everything and took my time to do it right.
After that, before I turned on my SPA for the first time, I called AHJ for an inspection and got it approved by city government.

One thing to remember, when you do it on your own, is to do the homework. Look at all the rules and regulations that apply to SPA wiring(There are few, I have to mention). They're in NEC as well as local code book.
It looks like you purchased $200 SPA PACK with a pull-out disconnect and built-in GFCI. This box will satisfy both code requirements to have a GFCI and a manual disconnect box within the perimeter of the Spa(No closer than 5'/no farther than 10' from the outer edge of a spa).

Pls take time and do your homework.

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