warming throw

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warming throw

Not sure which catagory this belongs in...

I have a Sunbeam electric blanket (called a "warming throw"- it's not to big, and plaid design).

Someone gave it to me last Spring, and I have used it a few times. Recently used it a few times at night, while watching t.v. in bed.

One night I noticed the control, which is sort of a long oval, was blinking. It has 3 settings, LOW MED HIGH. I always had it on low. It was on high, blinking red.

I thought maybe it had overheated or something, and unplugged it. The past 2 times I've plugged it in, it's still blinking red (HIGH) and won't change settings.

I can't find the manual! I found an online manual, on the Sunbeam site, but the pdf doc opens but doesn't seem to be anything in it.

I'm sure the manual must say something about this, and what it might mean, but as I said, I can't find the manual.

I thought someone here might know?


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What information did you use to find the *.pdf. Maybe someone else can open the file for you.

Here is the file in *.html. You should be able to read it with any browser. The *.pdf file opened fine for me.


Hope this helps.

Hope this helps.
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Some text from the .PDF File posted by chfite.

Using Your Warming Throw Control
Turning the Throw On
1. To turn the throw on, simply press the On/Off switch to On. The indicator light will glow and the
throw will begin to warm.
Caution: ALWAYS turn the throw Off and disconnect the power cord when not in use.
To set temperature:
2. Turn the temperature dial to your desired setting. As the control operates, it is normal to hear a
“clicking” sound as it regulates the temperature.
For your first use in an average warm room (70°F), we recommend you adjust the dial setting midway and
then gradually adjust the setting upwards or downwards according to your personal warmth preference.

We’re Here to Help
For any questions you may have about your warming product, please contact
Sunbeam Consumer Service: 1-800-892-7684
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Thanks for the help.

When I found the pdf doc of the manual, it would open (slowly) and the pages edges would come on, but the actual document (writing) wouldn't be on the pages. They'd be grey. I tried it several times.

I have Acrobat reader, and it did open the document but nothing seemed to be on the pages. Maybe I need a newer version of it, but usually it says this.

When I opened it from here, it worked, and I was able to read it all.

I couldn't find anything that told what it means with the HIGH control (red) is on, slowly blinking, right from the start (when it's plugged in). And it won't stop blinking or go on LOW or MED.

It does say if the light flickers, to send it back to Sunbeam.

I don't have any paperwork, sales slip, etc. My daughter (in another state) bought it on sale at the end of last Winter/Spring, and gave it to me. Since I live in Northern VT, I would have more use of it.

I did wash it, but it worked at least one time after this. The washing directions are on the label on the blanket, I washed it on gentle and hung it over several clothelines on my porch to dry.

I happened to notice the red light was blinking, and thought it might have overheated or something, so unplugged it and waited and tried it again. I've also left it unplugged for several days and tried it again.

I thought maybe the manual would say what it means if the red (HIGH) light just slowly blinks and won't stop or change to one of the other settings.

It doesn't seem like anything good. Just seems like if it's going to do this for some reason, it might say why. Unless that's what it means by the lights flickering.

~ Carrie
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I would say if that you are unsure, call Sunbeam Consumer Service: 1-800-892-7684. They are the most definitive source of information about the product since they made it.


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