Electrically Impaired needs help with Ground Issue!

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Question Electrically Impaired needs help with Ground Issue!

Hello to All -

Please help me to verify if my house is properly grounded. I've come to this due to troubleshooting network problems with my router and cable modem. Upon checking the connection from the cable co to my home, I found the ground wire connected to what looks like a ground block. That ground block has wires coming from the telco box and power box attached also. What disturbes me in this scenario is the wire going towards the ground.....attached to nothing! There are no clamps, nothing that would indicate it has ever been attached to anything. Along side of this mess is a large pipe that leads into the ground. (However this is not the cold water tap into the house. That is on the other side of the house. I had to troubleshoot this problem 2 years ago.) Would there/could there be another ground elsewhere? Any advice/help/laughs would be appreciated!

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If you have questions pertaining to Grounding connections for telephone and "cable" systems, I suggest you submit them to the "Voice and Data Communications" Section of this Forum.

We can help with questions pertaining to Grounding your house's electrical system which requires a Grounding Conductor clamped to the underground water-service pipe/tubing line at the point where the service-service line enters the building.

Please advise- we're here to help.
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It is with my house's electrical system that I am seeking help. (The cable and router issue is non-relevant at this point). I started digging around the power and telco boxes, both of which had large PVC pipes run from them into the ground and located my ground rod. It has nothing attached to it...no clamps, no wires, nada. Right now, I've wrapped the ground wire coming from the power/telco/cable ground box around the grounding rod until I can get somewhere and get a clamp. Is there a certain point on the rod where this clamp should be placed?

Thank you very, very much for your assistance!

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The clamp will be a JPS-12 Strap if the ground wires are in a metal pipe or an acorn clamp if they are not. you will need to know the diameter of the ground rod and or the diameter of the metal pipe (if the metal pipe exists) go to your electrical supply and the should be able to help with the info you provide.
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Thanks to all of you for your help. I've installed the ground clamp and the voltage in all places measures between 2.4v and 4.1v.

Now I can focus on the problems that started all this, my router and modem!

Stick a fork in me, I'm done..........

at least with the electrical part!
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On the other side of your question, the telephone and cable services should be grounded where they enter the building. Call these providers and ask them to come check the grounds. It is their responsibility to provide properly grounded service.

Hope this helps.

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